Tibetan Mastiff of Canada

2024 Puppies are now available!

Tibetan Mastiff

Welcome to our web site. Find out more about this rare breed of mastiff. See more information about our newest puppies available for sale and how you can take home your forever friend today.

About Tibetan Mastiffs

Want to learn more about the history of the ancient breed of Tibetan Mastiff?

What you need to know

Read our care section for valuable information on what to expect and how to care for a Tibetan Mastiff.

How to take care..

Training. Living Conditions. Exercise. Life Expectancy. Grooming. Bathing.

Our Tibetan Mastiffs


Import from Hongkong
Male | 140 lbs


Import from Russia
Female | 130 lbs



Import from Ukraine
Male | 170 lbs

2024 New Puppies Are Here!

We are excited to announce that our new litters have arrived.

Our Client Testimonial

andrew pimentel
andrew pimentel
I just wanna thank Christine for raising such beautiful dogs like the Tibetan Mastiff. Great service and information provided I absolutely love my puppy pela to the moon. Thank you so much.
Cathy Espeseth
Cathy Espeseth
I could not be more impressed with my Tibetan Mastiff puppy! She has the sweetest temperament and personality, and she is absolutely beautiful. This breeder answers any questions promptly and she was super friendly. You can tell she truly cares for her puppies. Would highly recommend this breeder.
Couldn't be more impressed with the service and the gorgeous dogs they raise. If a big dog breed is for you please consider contacting Tibetan Mastiffs of Canada. They have great insights into raising your dog and contacts for local trainers who will specifically work with big breeds. They provide care for the puppies above and beyond what I've seen with previous breeders I've worked with. Will continue to recommend them highly in passing conversation as my puppy explores the new world he's found himself in.
Fierce Lnu
Fierce Lnu
Great service. They answered me promptly and they were very friendly. They let me know everything I needed to know. All my questions were answered and then some. Thank you for being so awesome!!!
Lila Voudrach
Lila Voudrach
I highly recommend Tibetan Mastiff of Canada. Great service and beautiful Tibetan Mastiff puppies. I absolutely love my Tibetan Mastiff puppy 😍.
Panoptic Imaging Canada Corp
Panoptic Imaging Canada Corp
Thinking of purchasing a new pup and I'm sure this is where I'll be going


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